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Friday, February 4, 2011

Skunks Ultimate

Class came very early this morning but I'm glad i got to Skype with Nicole last night :)
I had 9 am Marine Benthos where we talked about sediment and stuff like that...  Alot of which I learned from Tim in Coral Reef Systems.  Then a 10-12 shelf seas class.  More math but i feel like i understand the stuff today better.

After class i headed home and then to try and find frisbee practice for the second time...  this time i had the president's phone number and made it successfully!  Practice was mediocre based on my performance, but we were inside in a gym...  Many of the players that were there today were Freshers (Freshman) and had only been playing for one semester.  Still i would say that Love Tap is much much more skilled than what i saw today.  I talked to another american, who is on there "first team", for a good bit of the practice.  He was impressed when i said i played for Penn State so good work everyone on giving the team a good rep!
They think I'm good enough to walk on to the first team!  From what they've seen so far...  hope i don't disappoint... lol

We started out with a breakmark drill where i first noticed the terribleness of peoples throws, defense and catching... i feel like its not my place to tell the kids to catch with two hands since it was my first day...  We then transitioned to a sort of scrimmage where we were practicing a 5 man (indoor) zone.  It was a goofy kind of zone... i thought...  They had NO offense.  It was frustrating.  When someone goes zone on us (psu) we have a set sort of zone break offense... No such thing here... at least for these freshers pre tourney practice.  The have a sort of rookie tournament just for fun, this weekend.  It's nearby but not really within walking distance so i probably will skip this one.  I might be going to a tournament in the coming weeks... depends if i make first team or not...

After most of the practices most of the team goes out to the pub and chills.  Whether it be a nice pint, a soda or a nice glass of water its something cool that everyone can do together.  O and we went to the on campus pub lol.  I forgot to mention that we have a pub right inside the student union at the highfield campus.
Thats all for now,

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