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Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Rugby

Hey guys, sorry this week has been very slow in terms of interesting things that have happened.  I've been working on my class assignments all due at the end of march so im trying to get them out of the way.  The only thing remotely exciting that happened was that i had lab on wednesday to analyze the samples we took on the boat. We had an hour and a half break in the middle to let a reagent take hold of the silicon in the water.  I ate breakfast and chilled with my lab mates.

Yesterday (saturday) i went to the Stags to watch the England vs France Rugby game.  My frisbee buddy, Tim, invited me and also helped me learn the rules and strategy of rugby.  England v France was a big game because the winner is basically the best of the Six Nations, which is a league including Ireland, Wales, Scotland, England, France and Italy.  Let me tell you... any football player who thinks he's hot stuff... couldn't play rugby...  all of the guys are straight jacked and its just crazy intense.  Maybe a defensive lineman or line backer but thats about it... I think it'd be fun to play as a pick up game but other than that would just hurt...  The guys don't wear pads and they do slightly less ridiculous hits than football because of the fact they don't wear pads.  But it was interesting to see the game and it was capped off by an English victory!

PS.  England is represented by the red rose which reminds me of Lancaster...


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