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Sunday, February 6, 2011


So there's this club in southampton called Jesters...  locals think very poorly of this establishment haha.  I was told that i need a pair of "jesters shoes" because the floors are so nasty.  The frisbee guys said that the smell as you walk down the steps is quite potent...  Also i was told that the toilets are disgusting with a layer of water and other liquids covering it.   It is rated 2nd worst bar in the city...  all this and other things I was told before going there...  scared?  no.  I thought it can't be worse than a frat or some of our nasty bars at penn state.  The Skunks frequent jesters for its really cheap drinks.

Walking down the steps i really didn't smell anything out of the ordinary.  It has a few rooms to it with easy access to an outside fenced in area.  Frankly i kinda like the set up, its well ventilated.  The main bar floors were not that bad.  I didn't get down and inspect them but they weren't slippery or anything.  The bathrooms were the only thing that were as bad or worse than i was told.  The layer of 'water' was a good .5 inch thick... but there was no line :).

Final assesment.  Frats are worse.

They have this drink called the Jesticle.  I dont know exactly what is in it, because i forgot what they told me... because of the Jesticle...  Anyways it was pretty good and it was red orange.  I think theres some Orange Juice in it so its quite healthy :)


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