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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Learning about phytoplankton and algae!

The second days classes started at 2pm so i ran some errands up at the Uni and found a poster sale much like the ones we have at PSU!.  I needed a way to decorate my room!  I picked out the following posters because a) they had fish or water on them b) it was a good philosophy about life.

I picked this one because it was ecologically and artistically bad in so many ways
Here's a challenge!  Comment what you think is wrong with it and whoever gets the most wins!  Ready Go!

Anyways today i had Coastal and Estuarine Oceanography which was interesting but still a bit of physics based...  Then followed by Plankton and Primary Production!  This is probably my favorite class so far as strange as that seems...  So far we have dealt with sun and how much and how far light penetraits into the sea.  Which reminds me of the encounter i had when diving with Dylan, who was wearing a red and black wetsuit.  When we got to depth I couldn't find him because all the red light was filtered out and he was just plain black!  Also this has taught me stuff about my underwater photography!  I think i need to get a flash to get my colors to do justice.  

On the way back from the NOC i picked up my first meal of authentic Fish and Chips!  The fish was a little lackluster... not very flavorful but the chips (fries) were very good!  And they call ketchup, tomato sauce here.  Which makes more sense really...  I enjoyed my fish and chips in the company of my flat mates, well the new one, Gemma from Oxford, UK, and Amir and Amir's friend.  It was a good time.

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