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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Skunks - Part II

Today was the Skunks first team (a team) practice that i went to.  It was much more encouraging than the other day in the gym.

We started off with a 12 minute indian run which was quite fun... not really.. but it was a good warm up/ workout.  (If any of you love tappers are reading this i think this is something really good to do cause i not only is a workout but you build team chemistry... Just sayin).

We then transitioned to a handler type drill like we did this fall where the handler just reps off throws as fast as he can to recievers.  Both Hucks and in cuts.

At the end of practice we played this game called Goaltimate, which was alot of fun.  It involves a 20' pole forming the arc shaped goal and basically its like half court ultimate where you have to take it back behind a line that is a good 30 yards away from the goal.  Every turn is like ultimate but you have to pass it back behind said line before advancing on the goal.  The idea is to pass it into the goal and have someone catch it on the other side within an equally large arc.  Next time we play ill have to take a picture to better describe the game.  The upshot is that it was pretty fun.  I'll teach yall how to play when i get back :)

Overall the talent was much better out there today, but i did say there were mostly freshman on friday.  Today there was more experience out there and i'd say the Skunks are better than Love Tap but not nearly as good as Spank.  Love Tap v Skunks would be a pretty good game.

Tonight is the Super Bowl and us american kids and some of our english/international friends are heading to the Stags Head (student union pub) to watch the game.  Should be a good time :)


Super bowl at the Stags

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