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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Piggy Back Pub Crawl

Today was an entirely skunks day...  we scrimmaged another university today on our fields.  The other team was not very good at all...  (easily handled maybe shut out by Love Tap)  But we expected them to to be spectacular.  They invited me to play with first team and we were trying out some new zones and stuff on the other team.  Some really different plays, these were...  Im not a huge fan... but then again i don't like change haha.  We ended up going like 10-1 for that game before we decided to quit.  The other team then played the half the 2nd team while we played the other half of the 2nd team.  It wasn't long before we decided to mix teams up a bit.  Then we finished the day like that.  The Skunks have regionals next weekend Feb 19-20 in Cardiff (still not sure where that is) but i'm really hoping to go with them and to play with first team.

After practice and a nice shower there was a Skunks social.  (I believe participating in socials is the not only alot of fun but a good way to get to know and gain respect from the team) The social was a Piggy Back Pub Crawl.  Now a Pub Crawl is the same as a Bar Tour, where you go from bar to bar having a drink or two at each.  This social had an added twist... you have to Piggy Back carry (or be carried) someone from one pub to the next.  You had to have a different partner between each pub... needless to say the smaller guys and girls were the most popular for this activity.  I mostly ended up carrying people because im decently heavy i suppose.  The weirdest thing i encountered was that the skunks measured their weight in stones... i had never heard of this weight measure before... i assumed they used kg's...  apparently i weigh 10.6 stones... who knew...  We trekked between the Stags Head, the Crown, the Highfield, the Mitre, the Gordon Arms, and the Hobbit, before ending up at Jesters.  I carried people 4/5 times and we covered about a mile of ground through the whole ordeal...  Talk about a workout before regionals lol.  Dont worry i got water at most of the pubs behind the backs of the guys because i 1) wanted to save money and 2) had class at 9 am.
Overall it was a pretty fun time and my back and shoulders are pretty sore today :)  worth it...

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