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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Diving into Beer

So later Tuesday night Gemma and I went to the "Sub Aqua" club meeting.  Thats scuba incase you didn't realize that...  The meeting was not very interesting but i think next week will be just because i wont be completely in the dark.  To dive with them i'm going to have to take roughly an equivalency test to see what BSAC (British Sub Aqua Club) certification level i would be and because none of them have ever heard of NAUI.  I suspect my Tim White teachings will shine through and make me highly qualified in there eyes.  However, they dive strictly dry suit here and think im crazy to have dived in a wetsuit.

After the meeting about half the club went out to a pub, where the guys were nice enough to talk the bartender into giving me a small sample of all the microbrews they had.  And then i proceeded to later get a pint of 3 out of 4 of the brews anyways.  I forgot to mention that my german friend, Rebecca, is also a diver and she came out with us and then her and I and this other creepy german phd student went to another pub which was more like a club i'd say...  but they had a 4 pound cover!  which is freakin ridiculous for not having a band or good music at all.  They did have what they called 2 pound doubles, which were 2 drinks each with a double shot of some cheap kind of liquor and a mixer of your choice.  I have a new respect for vodka and coke...  When i said bad music i am referring to the fact that they played super old 90's music that i almost couldn't stand.  Rebecca probably thinks i'm insane because every time the song changed i started geeking out.  The dancing scene is more my style here hahaha (Rumble knows what i mean).  But no one is, what i would call "frat dancing."  Its more of a swaying thing.  At least thats my experience from just that pub.

I then stumbled my way home and proceeded to skype with Kiwi and Jenn...  Talking in a british accent most of the time...  anyways it was a good night!


  1. No frat dancing?!?! Hahaha. Dude, super old 90's music?! I knew the rest of the world was behind us. Rum and Vodka?! That's so Mike, haha!

  2. super old 90's music... ouch lol. How were the micro brews?

  3. the Micro brews were pretty good. I tended to like the least bitter of the 4 but they were pretty decent thickness...yuengling esque...

    Yea the music was bad....

    I love you too stan

  4. haha youre still getting ripped off-- the "2 pound double" is two british shots (25mL), which is actually 1.2 american shots (1.5oz).

    check out sobar or jesters-- 2# Quad-Vods

  5. o nuts... That was at sobar and I've heard good things about Jesters lol. Will do mate