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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Roller Disco

Today i was invited to go to a Roller Disco event with the other international kids.  I was unsure if i was going to go because i do need to study before class tomorrow and because they said it cost 8 pounds to do it.  Being the procrastinator that i am i made the 20 min trek in the rain and finally found the place.  I met up with the other kids and all of the sudden we had about 15 random internationals show up... so you know what that means...??  Group Rate!!!  it turns out it was only 6 pounds per person with skate rental!

Now i have never roller skated before, just roller bladed, so the first couple minutes to 1/2 hour was pretty rocky...  Then i started getting comfortable in my skates and was doing crazy stuff like skating backwards and crossing over on the turns...  It just so happen that today they were celebrating like 3 little girls birthdays... so there were alot of 10 year old girls putzin around and falling in front of you.  (we assumed the average age of people there was 10).  I accidently hit a few of them and of course they screamed and fell down but no one could notice cause there were constantly shrieking girls on the floor.

The music was not disco-esque at all... it was mostly modern dance music with some decent 70's and 80's songs thrown in.  Also the DJ (yes there was a DJ) was taking requests so of course i tease my Italian friend by requesting Dont Stop Believing by Journey because she doesnt know it at all and what she does know is from Glee :(...  SO it finally comes on and guess what... its the Glee version.. alksdhflkasdf...  All in all this was the best music at a social event so far and it was a pretty fun time.


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