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Monday, March 28, 2011

Catching Disks and Dodging Balls

This weekend was filled with sport!  Recall how Wings and i went to the dodgeball clubs training session? Well Saturday was their dodgeball tournament for charity (forget what charity).  The Skunks were planning to put a team together and it just happened this week.  We had "planned" to dress up as smurfs... or at least thats what we told our good buddy Chessell.  We had two facebook message threads going, one saying how we were going to acquire our smurf outfits and the other to discuss how we were not acutally going to dress up as smurfs lol.  The difference between them was that Chessell was not on the latter.  We kept up the act all week and it was gloriously capped off when he showed up to the game dressed as a smurf.  (i wish i had taken a picture).

Most of the team decided on pre-gaming at Sanchez's house to the movie Dodgeball to get our heads in the game.  I showed up late and didnt really have anything to drink...  But by the end of the movie our team was quite inebriated.  We continued on to the tournament where they were the only ones drunk and chanting continued while the lady in charge was explaining the rules...  We made our own rule for the tourney... that if you get out first in a game you have to do a beer bong... haha... unlucky for Wings he crossed the middle line multiple times on the run up...  I never seemed to get out first so i was literally the only sober one on the team...  But I thoroughly enjoy dodgeball anyways so it didnt even matter.

Trying a new running technique... Laying out for the ball... It worked well :)
We owned almost every team we played except we only lost to one team, "Sponsored by Primark".

After losing to them in the round robin and beating everyone else, we moved on to the semi finals and one that game.  And met sponsored by primark again in the Finals and lost to them there again.  We came 2nd in the tourney not bad for being drunk as a skunk...

On Sunday was what they call Varsity.  Varsity is basically when Southampton and our rivals, Portsmouth compete at every sport in one area.  For example Southampton Rugby played Portsmouth Rugby on one field while Southampton Football (soccer) played Portsmouth Football on the next field... Make sence?  So Varsity also included Ultimate... and thats where i come in.

After beating Portsmouth (Sublime) at nationals we knew we had what it takes to win but we were down to 9 player because our 3 best handlers were off doing something with their lives and a few others couldnt make the game either.  Portsmouth essentially had a full team.  The Skunks took an early 3 point lead that was quickly diminished to us being up 2 breaks at halftime.  We took half and recieved afterwards.  This half was very physically demanding in the fact that two of our team members had to take a few points due to injury so we were with out subs for much of the last half of the game.  I was about to finally take a point off when they call me on telling me it was the last point.. i was to hyped up on adrenalin to even know the score...  We got a turn and moved it up the field and i ended up throwing a floating upline pass to Kirill for the win!  It was a great game and i was happy my friend Rebecca could come to watch it because she had never seen Ultimate before.  A great first impression i think..

Today (monday) i am very sore but i know it was a great weekend and it was all worth it :)

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