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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Got Myself a Roadie

So yesterday I borrowed my self a road bike from my friend in scuba club who sprained his wrist playing rugby.  So moral of the story is he cannot ride for a while and he's also going to bermuda for a field course (im insanely jealous) so ill have it for like a month.  I'm still looking into procuring one for the longer term, however.  My buddy ste me up with basically everything i'd need to ride it...  Helmet, spare tubes, a bright jacket, lights, wind proof gloves... everything except for clip in shoes which were quite big on me... thats the only thing that makes riding it a little tough...

Riding it home wasn't as hard as i thought it was going to be...  I guess after being here for a month i've wrapped my mind about them driving on the wrong side of the road.  And yes it is the wrong side because every other international kid i've talked to said they drive on the right (France, Germany, Sweden, Italy...).  Proof.

Yesterday I also went to the Red Lion again with internationals and some other american amigas.  It was a very nice place to just chill.  Mosly locals frequent it and watch tv there.  Last night they were watching WWE or some kind of super obnoxiously fake wrestling.  It was painfully fake...  but the locals enjoyed it...  That closed at 11 so we walked on to see what else was open.  We found Bedford's which is another nice chill pub in the heart of all of the intense clubs.  Last night was very nice and it was capped off with fish and chips :)  So its all good.

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