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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fun Stuff with No Fluff

Since Bristol I haven't had much time to write.  Well actually all my time has been spent writing... lab reports...  Tuesday and Wednesday of this past week i had my first deadlines since i've been here.  The first paper was on some simple hydroacoustics lab we did and the other was on the silicon concentrations of the samples that we took out on the boat.  Fun stuff.  I have many more dead lines coming up just before easter break...  The interesting thing about what professors want in a paper is that they give you a word or page limit and you have to fit all of your writing in that limit.  It plays right into my strengths as a writer.  No fluff thats how i do it haha.

Speaking of Easter Break...  after all of my papers were turned in, me and jordan started booking our spring break travel plans.  As of now, all of our flights are booked, almost all of the busses are booked and most of the hostels are picked out but not booked... that will happen sometime this week i believe.  So where am i going??  (see calander) But i am going to Dublin, Nice (France), Madrid, Sevilla, Rome, Flourence and Venice.  We might also go to Naples while were in Italy but we'll see.  Im super looking forward to seeing all these wonderful places.

Click on me!

I would like to do some more traveling after the semester ends.  Still on my list of places to go:  Paris, Berlin (germany in general), Amsterdam, Greece, and maybe Geneva Switzerland...maybe

This is the last weekend/week before Ultimate Nationals next weekend.  We had a very long un-intense practice today and tomorrow we're scrimmaging the local club team, Limited Release, which usually proves to be helpful.  Im really looking forward to nationals with the skunks I hope we can do decently well.

Tonight me and Wings went to the dodgeball club's training just to see what it was like.  We me the president at a pub on wednesday during our "anything but clothes" social (pictures will not be posted for good reason).  anyways so some of them came to our training on friday so we decided to go play.  We basically just played dodgeball for 2 hours.  Different versions of the same principal...  In the UK they play by different rules than in the US... you only have 3 balls for 6 people and you cant have all 3 balls on your side for more than 5 seconds...  those are the main differences.  The balls are downsized volleyballs that i could grip with one hand and easily throw.  All in all it was a good time.  I was just glad to be back slinging balls again.

Thats all for now,

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