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Friday, March 25, 2011

Saint Patty's Day

For saint patty's day us americans decided we needed to find the closest thing to an irish pub that there is in England.  We decided on the Dorchester Arms where festivities were going on.  Of course you need to drink Guinness on St. Pattys Day... it'd be almost sacrilegious not to...  So we all got Guinness...  It was many of the girls first Guinness and they decided quickly that they didnt like it.  So between me and Ajeeth we split the drinks.

Most of the people in the pub were, lets say, not students.  All of them were dressed in green while us yanks had to scape together any bit of green we had.  Many of them were wearing Guinness top hats and we inquired as to how they got them.  Apparently if you buy 6 Guinnesss then you get a free hat.  Ajeeth and I were very interested in getting to this milestone, but by beer 4 the bar keep told us that they were out.  Bummer.  Some time during the night i procured an inflatable Guinness glass type thing that you hang from the ceiling.  Win.

Overall it was a pretty good night.

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