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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Isle of Wight Pub Crawl

Every year the Skunks and many other societies venture to the Isle of Wight and visit the local watering holes of Southampton.  The Isle of Wight is an island that looks like a wedge pointing towards Southampton harbor.  The island is not super large but large enough to have a few towns on it.

We started at 10 am with a traditional english breakfast at a pub very near to where i live and we worked our way down to the docks.  The "rules" were that we spend one hour in each pub and consume one drink whilst in said pub.  Sure you could do more if you wanted but lets be serious... the idea is that you make it to Jesters a the end of the night.

We as we worked our way down to the docks, we came across many different types of pubs... there were your typical english pubs...  but we stopped by a gay bar and had a "squashed frog", there was an ale festival going on at one of them.  Unfortunately i had to pick just one to try.  I really wanted to try the "Angry Yank" but they were out of that...  anyways so we made it down to the dock around 3 or so and boarded a ferry to the Isle of Wight which was about a 30 min boat ride.

We toured around the town of Cowes hitting up pubs along the way and eventually stopping for dinner at the Anchor Inn where i enjoyed mashed potatoes, sausage, peas and gravy :D  reminds me of home.  After that we continued on and at the next pub i was cohersed into doing a 3 pint challenge with Chessel out of a disk.  It was intense but Penn State has trained me well for this moment.  We continued on to two more pubs before catching the last ferry off of the island.  The others went to Jesters but i couldnt justify walking 10 min out of my way and then come back 10 min, none the less spend more money.

The Pubs of the crawl: (missing about 3)


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