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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Travel Day

So let me start by saying i have basically been awake since 11 am yesterday and it is now 3 pm today.

The flight left earlier than scheduled acutally.  The flight was cool in the fact that they had select movies and tv shows for free.  I watched the Expendables before trying to catch some Zzzzs...  well i didnt catch many.  The boarder, baggage claim and customs went as flawlessly as it could have gone.  I then met up with my colleague from Penn State and waited for our ride together.  Now in her emails, my advisor had said her husband would be picking us up, and he is a short man wearing a brown coat.  Now being average height, the way people describe other peoples height is rather relative... but let me just say he is a very short man... 5'0"-2" easy.  She was right.  Also i never expected the first car I ride in in the UK to be a Ford... but it was and i was frankly delighted!

After picking up another student we started our "journey" to southampton which is about an hour from london.  The driving on the left side of the road is one of the most dangerous things ever and Brits are very "aggressive" divers.  (Yes mom worse than dad(well mostly)).  We wove through Southampton and dropped off my new friends.

I made prior plans to go exploring the city with ajeeth and luckily jordan arrived in time to go with us. Ajeeth brought along his "flatmate"to be our guide and show us downtown There are tons of shops downtown just about anything you can think of except the stuff i need....  There's a walmart owned grocery store that has cheap stuff including liqour which im still shocked by.  O and an Ikea!  But anyways... i got a phone for the UK and spent some time with that.

I got my flatmate, whose name escapes me, to show us around the Main campus (Highfield) and we had a good time figuring out the busses.  Then i got home and started unpacking and plugged my surge protector into my converter into the outlet.  It made a loud pop and a large flash of light and the entire flat lost power... whoops.  I fixed it, no worries.

So i have a fried power strip and the capability to plug 2 things in at a time.  And a list of stuff to get, which is growing more and more with every passing thought.

Bed Time
ta ta for now (ttfn)
This is what my room inside my flat looks like

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  1. I like the fish at the top! Excited to see you're keeping this thing, best of luck!