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Friday, January 28, 2011

I saw the sky today!

Today walking back from the NOC I finally saw the sky and it was blue!  haha  if you dont get it.. well its been overcast both days so far but it finally cleared up for the better part of today.  Its about 30 deg F here right now and its dark... the rest of the week looks to be a little warmer.
I walked everywhere today.  At 3 pounds a day the bus was getting expensive.  Maybe ill get a bus pass... maybe.  I walked from the NOC stopped and got groceries, dropped em off, and attempeted to make the frisbee practice today up at the main campus (Highfield).  Well i got turned around in the developments right before the Uni (University) and ended up on a path through a very large park.  Eventually i found my way on to campus but i was 30 min late at this point.  Then i could not find the gym they were practicing in for the life of me.  Yes, i was in the right building.  So instead, i got my ID card problem resolved ( i didnt have one so i got one) and got my self a southampton sweatshirt.  I swear people cant understand me...  i dunno what they sweatshirts but it surely is not that.  I really need to work on my slang.
Anyways, i left the Uni and headed home.  I made a wrong turn somewhere about halfway home which took me back up near the Uni.  I was standing puzzeled on a street corner when some nice guy on a bike pointed me in the right direction...180 deg the way i had just come...  Lovely.  So i eventually made it back around 630 after having been walking since about 230...  I made moms not so famous spaghetti which was delicious and maybe a nap now...  Might be going out with some other Marine Science people tonight who knows.

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