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Sunday, January 30, 2011

The First Saturday

A wise man once told me that simply replying "good" when someone asks you how your day was, does no justice to life and the entire day that you just spent.  Sure its our culture in the US to do that and frankly i have noticed no different over here.  But, I am going to try my best to give each day justice and make everyday a new adventure in one way or another.  Why waste this time we do have eh?

SO, Saturday started with a check of the temperature and a desire to go for a run.  The temp was around 35 deg F so it was not terrible weather to run in.  I started up the main street and entered into the Southampton Common which is a huge park right next to the Uni.  I had plotted a general route before i left so I wouldn't make a huge detour like i did on my way home from the Uni on friday.  Well i took a different path than i had planned so from then on i was going north east when i thought i was going North and that screwed me up for the rest of the run...  I found this really amazing pond that was set into the park, didn't see any fish but its ok. I ended up running for about 1 hr 30 min because i was going north when exiting the park instead of south like i thought i was going...  i found this really cool sports complex with a cycling path, a running track, tennis courts, and other things that a sports park would have.   I continued on to find the hospital and then broke down and asked for directions, which were terrible i might add.  I wound my way through some neighborhoods and finally found my way back to a street name that i recognized.  Then found my way home that way.  It was roughly 7 miles...

Later I picked up some groceries at ASDA, a walmart esque supermarket.

That night was a big football game (soccer) for Southampton!  They were playing Manchester United.  The downtown area was packed with people walking to the game and the pubs were all filled.  Me and the PSU kids met up with the UNCW kids again at the pub by their accommodation.  It was crazy.  Brits get very worked up over football yelling at the tv and such... I suppose americans are the same way with our football, but i feel like it is only a similar amount of rage for a playoff game for us.  Southampton struck first with a goal, then Man U scored 2 in a row and Southampton couldn't score another to tie it so it ended 2-1 Man U.  After the game was over the pub cleared out so we left too and headed home

Ajeeth and I were hungry so we got Chunky Chips, a fish and chips place across the street from where I live.  This was an interesting place hard to describe really...  Two guys working total and it was pretty crowded... they specialize in everything fried.  Fried Chicken, fried fish, chips (french fries), chicken fingers etc.  They were out of fish and chicken. lol.  I got a burger and wings.  The burger as good enough to eat but the wings were really good.  I would describe them as mom's messy chicken but spicier.  

We ate and went to bed.


  1. haha man i spent about two hours my second day there poring over a map. the sports complex (Wide Lane) you found is pretty sweet-- its where the american football team (the stags) play, and their clubhouse has a bar.

    did you check out portswood yet?

  2. Yea portswood is really cool i can see a lot of opportunity there lol. to get to the uni i walk up portswood road