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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

To the future and back again

I went back to state this weekend for one last hangout session before going to Southampton.

Let me just say i have some truely amazing friends.

Amanda and Mollie planned an entire day of "activities" for me and Jenn

We visitied Becky and Lauren's room to celebrate Jenn's Birthday
We went to Joe T's where we took finals with Greeno which were proctored by Prince Dr. Professor
We went to Nick Towers where we were served with an amazing 4 course meal by Amanda, Mollie, and Liz courtesy of Chef Randy, to celebrate Valentines Day
and finally to the God of Sex's (Lee) Place for a bangin State Pattys Day party

You guys are Amazing!  Thanks SO much and I love you all (even you mollballz)

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