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Thursday, January 27, 2011

First Day at the NOC

Today was just an intro day to help us international students with everything academic at the National Oceanographic Centere.  I finally have classes and trying to add another!  Im taking Physical Oceanography 2, Estuaries, Phytoplankton and primary production, and Ecological Processes in Marine Benthos.  Im trying to pick up a class in remote sensing and gis.

Today I met the other students in my program, internationals at least.  5 people from UNC wilmington and Ia from Sweden and Rebecca from Germany.  Ia happens to be in the same flat as me and Jordan so thats convenient.

The NOC is HUGE so many hallways that all look the same.  Ill have to try my best to not get lost...  And the numbering of the rooms is absolutely insane... i'm not sure who decided that method but its more confusing than it has to be...  ex.  186/13  is a room number.  Now the first 2 numbers are the nodes... whatever that is and the 6 is the floor number and the 13 is the actual room number.

Tonight i went to Stoneham Arms Pub with the other kids from the US.  It was pretty fun just hangin out at the pub.  It wasnt nearly as crowded as any bar in State College so i talked to the bartender about english beer and such and it was really interesting.  The other US kids are only sophmores or under 21 so they're goin hog wild being able to drink legally...  I tend to just have a few drinks then call it a night or savor my beer.

Then i experianced my first ever drunk bus in southampton... i cannot imagine where these kids were going that drunk... it looked like they just came back from a frat.  But there was alot of singing and chanting random things...

And so my night has come to a close... its about midnight here 7pm EST...Gnight

View from my room

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